Monthly Archives: September 2007

health checks

Today Lomela and Kata had their health checks. A special doctor came to take their blood so it could be analysed back at the lab. The results should be back in a few days and if everything checks out clear then they should be able to go into the nursery. Lomela was really brave. She […]

Kata not drinking

Baby Kata looks so good compared to Lomela, it’s easy to forget what she’s been through. She has lacerations on her groin where the cord she was tied with cut into her. And there’s a little bare patch on her arm where the cord left scarring. Also, she’s not drinking any milk. It must have […]

New arrival

Hi, my name’s Vanessa and I come to Lola every year to study bonobo psychology. I’ll be reporting for Lola for the next few weeks. The new baby arrived today at 8:30 in the morning. She comes from Lodja, a particularly troublesome spot in the middle of Congo where they eat bonobos. So her parents […]

slowly but surely

Lomela is getting better. It’s hard to see day by day, but when you look at the photos from when she was rescued from Lodja, you can see the difference.   Here she is a month ago, when Pierrot and Blaise, our education officers went with Anne Marie, our nurse to rescue her. When Anne […]


  Lomela arrived two weeks ago. She was found by an organisation in Lodja called ACOPRIK (Action Communautair pour la Protection des Primates du Kasai) and brought to the sanctuary. Pierrot, our education officer says Lodja is a terrible area because the local people eat bonobos. Lomela is lucky she made it to the sanctuary […]

Bonobo Paradise

Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary is a sprawling forest just outside Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is the world’s only bonobo sanctuary and is home to over 50 orphaned bonobos.   Bonobos are one of the most endangered primates. They live only in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Because of the […]