Monthly Archives: October 2007

The little surgeons of group 3

Well, the beautiful job Vet Crispin did on Dilolo’s stitches didn’t do much good. He absolutely hated being alone in the isolation enclosure and so somehow vaulted the electric fence to be with his friends. As soon as his buddies saw the stitches, they picked them all out, neat as budding doctors. Crispin isolated Dilolo […]

News on Kata and Lomela

Our two little girls are doing well. Lomela especially is covered in a fine layer of downy hair. You can’t see it from the photos, but in a few weeks you’ll see she’s on her way to becoming a beautiful little bonobo. Both Kata and Lomela had a few hours in the nursery the other […]

Dilolo, the punky little brewster

This is Dilolo. He absolutely beautiful but he is also a total punk, running around group three terrorising everyone. Every time I come to see group three, which has all the juveniles in it, Dilolo throws dirt at me. But the other day he fell from a tree and a branch speared through his leg. […]


Kata drank today!! it was amazing. she’s drunk nothing for weeks. We had to dip sugar cane in milk and feed her drop by drop. A couple more days and she would be dead. Then she woke up this morning and drank a whole bottle full of milk!! It was like she suddenly decided she […]

Kata very sick

Kataco isn’t doing so well. She has amoebas. She doesn’t drink and she’s so dehydrated that her skin is hanging off her body. It was so bad Crispin the vet had to give her an IV drip. The needle was gigantic. I nearly passed out just looking at it. It must have hurt so much […]

Good news

The test results have come back from the lab and it turns out both Lomela and Kata are fine. Kata has a minor protein deficiency, but this should improve as she drinks more milk and eats more food like eggs. I tried to get a photo of Lomela and Kata in their sleeping closure like […]