Monthly Archives: November 2007


On Monday the 12th of November, the day at Lola started like any other one. The sun rose to the high pitched screeches of awakening bonobos. But Claudine awoke to less pleasant news. She was notified that the Kinshasa zoo had just found a very your male bonobo in the city center. Apparently a Kinoise […]

A little break…

Hi everyone, Well I’m going on a little holiday (don’t hate me!) so posting wil be a bit spasmodic. I know there are problems with the pics and I’ve written to blog admin to try and get the problem fixed. have asked for lo and kata updates but they’ve had they’re hands full with a […]

In search of a new paradise…

Field report from Claudine and Florent who recently returned from another exploration of the Equateur, near Basankusu. ‘We were on our great quest for the next Grand Lola that will be the next stage in the reintroduction of bonobos into the wild. After floating up the most beautiful rivers whose waters were pitch black, Maringa, […]

Nursery graduation!

It was a big day for some of the oldest in the nursery. To make room for Lomela and Kata, (and for a little more peace and quiet) the mamas decided to introduce Lodja, Luozi, and Yolo into group 3, our group with all the juveniles. The love train: Kikongo, Malou, Boende On the first […]