Nursery graduation!

It was a big day for some of the oldest in the nursery. To make room for Lomela and Kata, (and for a little more peace and quiet) the mamas decided to introduce Lodja, Luozi, and Yolo into group 3, our group with all the juveniles.

The love train: Kikongo, Malou, Boende

On the first day, we put the three into the isolation enclosure and brought in some of young bonobos that have recently left the nursery so they could see some familiar faces; Maniema and Malou, as well as a gentle, funny bonobo called Kikongo who left the nursery a few years ago.

There was a LOT of sex, especially since the two boys, Maniema and Kikongo have been living in group 3 with only 2 girls!! Lodja was in heaven! The boys were simply crazy about the new beauty and she was the belle of the playground for hours. Malou, her old girlfriend, was happy to see her two since Malou hasn’t managed to find a good friend yet in group 3 and has been a little lonely.


Lodja, the new belle of the ball

All six bonobos slept in one room and the keeper Jean Claude found them all tangled in one hammock in the morning.

On the second day, we added three more boistrous boys, Boende, Kubulu and Dilolo(whose stitches are healing nicely)


John Claude and the bad boys of group3

Lodja, once again was showered with attention. We simply don’t know how she’s going to juggle all her new boyfriends.


Dilolo & Lodja getting to know one another in the bushes


Dilolo & Lodja getting to know each other even better

Yolo who was as tough as nails in the nursery was suddenly very vulnerable but Boende took Yolo under his wing, and carried him ventrally like a baby all day.




Boende & Yolo, new BFF (Best Friends Forever)

On the third day, Tchilomba, the graceful female and the only adult in the group was introduced to the three with her new baby.

No problems. Everyone was wonderfully happy. A good week’s work.

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