Monthly Archives: January 2008

they can be yours…

 it’s taken us a while to get our act together with donation items, apparently the rangers in Congo are more technical than us:) but now we’re on. For $20 a  month, one of these two delightful girls can be yours! Lomela and Kata still sleep with their arms around each other, you can see Lolo […]

more thank yous and check out the pics!

Hi everyone, thanks so much to Theresa S for$25 this month, Brigitta for her monthly $10 donation and Sheryl B for her months $10 donation! I’ve got lots of mail asking about the old pics that disappeared, and I just uploaded them all again. so now you can go back and see kata and lolo […]

Ape genius

Thank you so much this month to Theresa S who gave us $100 and also to our friends at the Stuttgart Zoo! National Geographic were at the sanctuary last April as part of a documentary called Ape Genius. It was all about how brilliant the bonobos are, which of course we knew already but it […]

little lomela

Ok guys, I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this, and here she is – tu da! can you believe it! Look how big she is – and that hair!! I can’t beleive she has her hand in the food bin. Typical! According to all the mamas she is a sweet tempered bonobo, […]

Happy new year from Kata

I’ve just got an email from Amandine, a French researcher at Lola with news and wonderful photos. You won’t even believe how big Kata is now -she is positively enormous! All that milk she refused to drink 6 months ago didn’t do her any harm and it looks like she’s caught up with the rest […]