Monthly Archives: February 2008

Lodja education program

A few months ago, when someone said Lodja, I thought of this little impish face. All the bonobos at Lola are named after a town, or a province in Congo.  As most of you have seen from the post before last, there’s been a disturbing new influx of orphans coming from Lodja, the town. Claudine, […]

conservation through education…

Wow, I’m so impressed and thankful that people were so fired up about the last post. i wrestle with a lot of the same thoughts that everyone had, and by that i mean sometimes I just want to lock up all the people who are torturing and eating bonobos, and then other times I think […]

Disturbing news from Lodja

The following post is from Claudine: ‘Pierrot and Blaise are just back from a new educational mission in Lodja, in eastern Kasai province where Kata and Lomela are from. They are totally shocked and appalled by the situation in bushmeat trafficking. “But what can we do over there?” laments Pierrot. “Those people are wild about […]

Eleke much better

For those that remember little Eleke, I’ve just had a report that he’s doing well. Eleke was the bonobo rescued from someone using him for witchcraft, he was in terrible pain from having his teeth forcibly pulled out, and he also had lacerations around his groin from where he was tied with a leash. His […]