Monthly Archives: March 2008

A memory…

Thank you everyone, for your kind words, they have made me teary all over again and I have sent them to Claudine. Brian and I are just witnesses, like you. We go to Lola once or twice a year to study bonobos and learn about them. It’s the staff who need your messages, Mama Yvonne […]


I have some very sad news. Malou died. For those of you who don’t know, Malou was the little female bonobo who was rescued at the Charles de Gaul airport in Paris. We spoke to Crispin, the vet at Lola, and he said they didn’t know what happened. She was very sick yesterday and then […]

Bonobo fan

I just want to rave a little about one of our sponsors, James Brooks. James has adopted, one of our little terrors, Boyoma. Since visiting bonobos in Iowa, he has raised $1200 for the Great Ape Trust. Which is impressive once you know that he is only 10. Yep, James raked leaves and gave up […]

Tigers in the backyard

hi guys, sorry i haven’t been posting, i’ve been so busy with this grant about our new exciting education projects, which i promise i will update you with soon. first of all thanks to¬† Lucia C who gave us $30 for baby bottles and toys, Theresa S who gave us $50 for baby bottles and […]