Monthly Archives: June 2008

conservation begins with education

The educational activities of the ABC reached more than 16, 500 children and adults last year. The majority were young Congolese students, targeted within the framework of the scholastic education program, but activities with environmental workers, primarily in the provinces, were also numerous this year.   The initiative for these activities comes mostly from Pierrot Mbonzo, […]

back to the wild

After several years of research, a site with the criteria for a successful release (a space of 40,000 hectares of primary tropical forest – native bonobo habitat) has been selected near Basankusu (in Equateur province). This site – which we are calling Ekolo ya bonobo (The Land of the Bonobos) – will be the world’s […]

Going to lola!

Hi everyone, For those who don’t know me, my name is Vanessa, and I study bonobos at Duke University. I’m also on the Board for Friends of Bonobos, and so I run this blog and help out wherever I can. One of the biggest perks of my job is that I go to Lola at […]

board meeting

Just got back from the Friends of Bonobos board meeting in DC. The Jane Goodall Institute hosted us in their beautiful offices, for which we were very grateful. Our main issue for this year is that we only had eight adoptions last year! Not including the Wildlife Direct donations – which have raised over $3,000 […]

guess who?

It’s Lomela! Look at all her beautiful hair! This photo is courtesy of Colleen Moritz who does quite the most beautiful portraits of the infants I’ve seen. I don’t know how she takes them – everytime I try one of them is leaping on my camera. This is what she looked like last year: It’s […]

Mabali’s broken leg

Mabali from group 3 has had a terrible accident. We think he has broken his leg. Michel, the French vet and our head vet Crispin have isolated him to try and find out exactly what’s wrong. It looks something like a torn ligament across the knee. Even though he is isolated, he’s never far from […]

thank yous…

This month, a big thank you goes to brigitta s, Sheryl B, 2 Anonymous donors, Maciej G, Annette R, Pirjo I, Kevin C, Baerbel W and the Stuttgart zoo. We had a big month with over $400 of donations! thank you everyone, big hugs from the bonobos.

Masisi – the new Boyoma??

More photos from Colleen Moritz – does Masisi, the scared little boy from May 19 look better or what?? He actually is scarily similar to Boyoma, who frequently runs around terrorizing everyone. It’s wonderful to see the broken little spirits that arrive return with such spunk and vigor. Bonobos are amazing, not just in their […]