Monthly Archives: July 2008

Kata and Lolo

Some peeps wanted to know if Lomela and Kataco are still friends. Here they are with their arms around each other walking to the nursery. They’re a bit blurry because actually they’re running. It’s a bit of a debacle every morning to get them from the night building to the nursery. Here is Esperance trying […]

Delta hypothesis

We went out on the boat today. Manono was swimming in the water. Richard Wrangham from Harvard thinks that bipedalism (standing on two legs) evolved in an environment similar to the Okavanga delta in Botswana where for some parts of the year it was dry, but for the rest of the year it was wet […]


‘Hey Vanessa, I just read the newsletter and there was a big section about reintroduction plans. From what I read it doesn’t sound like the local people in the area chosen are happy about this plan at all. They don’t really seem to understand nor care about conservation of endangered species. So, please explain to […]

bandundu’s baby

Bandundu is our naked ape. She loves being groomed, like some women love the feeling of getting waxed. The girls have obligingly pulled out nearly all her hair! She just had a new baby who is also almost bald – Bandundu reminds me of an australopithecine (is that how you spell it?) . Maybe this […]

bonobo violence

I got this question from Karenhappywoman, and its a very good one: Hi, What a beautiful blog! I hope you don’t mind me having a little question regarding bonobo’s. In your blog as well as in many commentaries about bonobos we see that they are very peaceful and friendly beings. My husband told me that […]


This pic if for sheer cuteness factor. It’s Masisi who some of you have adopted iwth Mistique, the resident guard dog. what is even more cute about this is that normally the bonobos terrorise Mistique. Mwanda was always chasing her, and Boyoma, of course used to bite her tail. Mistique was always very patient, and […]

lukuru update

Lukuru is looking better today. You can see she’s put some fat on her tummy, and her arms are filling out. She’s drinking milk like a little demon so no worries there, and her favourite food is sugar cane. Crispin the vet is still not clearing her complete – she’s so young – only 20 […]


I actually went into the nursery today. I was wondering whether Kataco remembered me, after all those weeks I spent with her last year. You always wonder whether animals remember, like people do. Or whether she was too young. Or whether we all look the same to them. Ordinarily Kata is a bit shy around […]

Saké Mayele

Saké is definantly a straight-A student in the nursery. Thats why the Mamas at Lola ya Bonobo call her ‘Mayele’, which means ‘the intelligent one’. She certaintly lives up to her reputation: she is the fastest when it comes to solving Tori’s tests; what would take her class mates a lot of brain power is […]

breakfast visit

Guess who ran up to our house this morning? Lolo! She had just finished having a bath and smelled like coconut oil. She escaped the mamas walking her to the forest, ran to our porch and started sniffing around as if to say, ‘what do you guys eat for breakfast around here?’ Mama Micheline gave […]