Delta hypothesis

We went out on the boat today. Manono was swimming in the water. Richard Wrangham from Harvard thinks that bipedalism (standing on two legs) evolved in an environment similar to the Okavanga delta in Botswana where for some parts of the year it was dry, but for the rest of the year it was wet and you had to walk through shallow pools to get to islands where the food was.


Manono is looking for food just like in Richard’s hypothesis. Except he is fishing bananas out of the water that Stany the keeper through in, which is not part of Richard’s hypothesis.
Here is Semendwa being bipedal.


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4 comments on “Delta hypothesis

  1. sheryl, washington dc on said:

    That’s an interesting hypothesis. Frankly, I’d get in the water for bananas, too. I’m sure I love them almost as much as Manono does.


  2. Annie on said:

    How funny…..I love both pics! Very cute!

  3. Maria Susana Pataro on said:

    Beautiful pictures…

  4. Claudio on said:

    was Manono really swimming? Or wading through water? Apparently there are now reports of orangutans – really swimming!

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