Monthly Archives: July 2008

Kata and her BFFs

I don’t know how, but Kata has always got this crinkly expression on her face. The mamas call her La Vielle, ‘the old woman’ because she just has this way of scrunching up her face like she can’t see properly. I still love her, even though she pulls my hair and jumps up and down […]


  Introducing Massisi, who some of you have adopted already. She is Kataco’s size when Kata arrived last year. Fluffy, but under all that hair she is really skinny. She has already been here a month and a half, so I think the worst is over, and hopefully she’ll make it.   She is still […]

Lukuru’s Story

This is little baby Lukuru sitting on Mama Henriëtte’s lap. She has to wear a little cardigan because she is not used to the weather in Kinshasa; she origionally comes from May Ndombe (which means ‘black water’ in Lingala)-a little village close to the equator. She was taken to Kinshasa by a bush meat trader. […]

Waka the Zipper-Monster

This is Waka; she might be tiny but she sure is smart! She’s about 3 years old and allready doing excellently in the games Tory has asked her to play. Besides this she has funny whiskers sprouting out around her little red lips. Waka is very a very curious little monster, she wants to know […]


  Everyone who was asking for pictures of Lomela – here she is! She has so much hair, I didn’t even recognise her. That thin little fuzz she had before I left is now shiny and luxurious, thanks to the mamas coating her with coconut oil. She even smells good!   She is also the […]

We love Sara Gruen!

You’ve probably heard of Sara Gruen, who wrote the New York Times Bestseller Water for Elephants. When I bought it at Borders, everyone from the manager to the cashier saw it in my hand and just had to blurt out ‘that’s an amazing book’. And it is. I just finished reading it and it was […]

The post is for James the bonobo fan

Guess who’s now running with the big boys now – Boyoma! The little terror of the nursery has been moved in with the big bonobos in enclosure two. I’m totally ecstatic because he bit me last year. Here he is, don’t you love that little angelic face? But then I took this one which shows […]


Here is the malnourished little bonobo from last year, Kataco, the one who nearly died because she wouldn’t drink any milk. Now she is quite the little madam, just look at that pout. She loves her Mama Henriette, who sat with her in the bungalow for two months waiting for her to recuperate. So as […]

Finally, we’re at Lola! Thank god. Crossing the river was not as easy as I remember. In fact, can I offer some advice to anyone thinking of taking the boat from Brazzaville to Kinshasa – do not take 18 bags of luggage. Especially if you are only 5 poeple and therefore only have 10 hands. […]