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a little interposting

Hi girls, thought you might be interested in the BH post, in case any of you are followers…

Pool party!

I had a chat to someone from Tigress productions who is making a docco called Ape School, about orphaned apes and how they learn to be themselves when they graduate to an adult social group. What came to mind about the bonobos is the paddling pool! There are two big lakes in the sanctuary and […]

a post from Claudine…

I accepted an invitation from WWF-France who were organising a conference at the Senate in Paris. The symposium was intended as an opportunity to come together and review judicial protection and international agreements which guarantee justice, damage compensation and the restoration of habitats in times of conflict. Indeed, war has serious consequences on wildlife and […]

Kikwit’s reflection

The other day I saw the most interesting thing. Manono, the second dominant male, and Kikwit, a subordinate, have never been friends. While they were sitting near each other, Manono did a big display at Kikwit and bit him. Kikwit screamed, but didn’t defend himself. Then he ran down to the water, still screaming, and […]

Sake charms Air France

Just got sent this message and pics from Olivier Fages, the Commandant of Air France to Claudine: ‘ We had such a wonderful time at Lola that with stars in my eyes, I announced what a wonderful time we had to the passangers on our flight! We had such a wonderful time with you, your […]

question from george

Hope I filled this out correctly.I have a question.I notice in some pictures it looks like some of the little ones are wearing a diaper and in others it doesn’t.Do the Bonobos let the mamas’ know when they need to use the washroom after they are adjusted and trust them,or do they just go to […]


Earlier this year I had to write an article on Bigfoot. I started out not believing in Bigfoot but then I had a long talk with Dan Schmidt in our department at Duke University and he is not entirely convinced by the evidence – and there is a lot of evidence by the way, hundreds […]