Monthly Archives: September 2008

Vanga gets carried away

Since all the terrors left the nursery, sweet little Vanga has now taken over and boy is he a mess. While I was there last time a woman walked out bleeding from her ear where Vanga bit her – a good warning for anyone who thinks these little cuties make good pets. Getting bitten by […]

Mama Henriette, the masked bandit

  Lukuru, Lomela, and Eleke Odile Procksch sent these photos – Mama Henriette put on a traditional Congolese mask from a tribe int he north and you can see how freaked out everyone was!! As a scientist, I wonder what they think she was doing. did they recognise her? were they scared the way children […]

Lukuru and her water bottle

Just got sent some photos by Alix Ortega who was recently at Lola. Lukuru is snuggled up with her water bottle – she is so cute! i remember seeing her this way when at Lola, when the babies were deep in sleep they hugged their water bottles just as they would hug thier mother’s stomachs. […]

Sandoa’s new mom

Sandoa has become very attached to Esperance, who has not had a bonobo baby since her little Vanga 3 years ago. Vanga is now the nursery terror, replacing Boyoma who went to group 3. I’m sure he’s not happy about the new arrival, but Lomela adores Sandoa. In typical Lomela fashion, she is just so […]

Sandoa doing well

  Sandoa is progressing well, the biggest danger was infection from the two lacerations around her groin – when bonobos ar etethered for a long time, the rope cuts into them, rubs into the raw would and festers – it can be very dangerous. But after much disinfecting, the wounds are healing nicely. She has […]

new orphan at Lola

  In the middle of all the heart ache with Amazone, there has been a new orphan arrived at Lola. Her name is Sandow and she’s only two years old. On Sunday afternon, Claudine’s husband Victor, was at their house when a military soldier dropped in with a baby bonobo he found in Bolobo ( […]

Amazone update

Just recieved this message from Claudine: Amazone and her parents have arrived by night with the ‘boat people’ on a 12 day journey to Maluku, the nearest port to Kinshasa. In the morning, they were kindly greeted by a military person who I called to take care of her. I sent Pierrot (our education officer) […]

burkitt’s – disturbing images

dunno if i told you, but i’ve heard from 3 tropical disease specialists now who say it’s probably Burkitt’s lymphoma. Here is what i could find about Burkitts on the web. as you can see from the pics, it looks like Amazone’s got it. Burkitt’s lymphoma (or Burkitt Lymphoma) is an uncommon type of Non-Hodgkin […]

spoke to facing the world

I spoke to Sarah at Facing the World this morning. They are really wonderful. Anyway this is the update: Amazone arrived in Kinshasa yesterday morning. Claudine picked her up from the port where she arrived off the boat. Claudine said Amazone’s  tumour has doubled in the 11 days since she last saw her. She has […]

Amazone & new baby

Just to keep you all informed, Amazone is on her way to Kinshasa. Facing the World has asked for her to have a scan and biopsy to see if they can help her. I called the Executive Coordinator – Sarah Driver -Jowitt because I was so anxious and excited…. and woke her up at midnight. […]