Monthly Archives: September 2008

facing the world

Hi everyone, after emailing everyone you suggested, an organisation called facing the world came back with this response: Dear Ms Woods, Thank you for passing on the details of this very deserving case. In order to help with a diagnosis (needed to see if she can come to the UK under our programme) we will […]


Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I will email these organisations one by one, once I try to find out more information from Claudine. I emailed a doctor at Duke University and this is what he said… Vanessa, This is an incredible case of what appears to be a large tumor…..I  am just […]

girl with a tumour

  Just received this post from Claudine: ‘I have had my heart broken by a little seven year old girl called Amazone. Her parents came to me to ask my help. I attach the photos for you to see. How can anyone remain unmoved by her suffering. I did not succeed. I paid for the […]