Monthly Archives: October 2008


hallo everyone! i am on holidays on the beach in australia. i thought i could blog from here but i can’t because the sea water plugs up my ears and sand gets in my keyboard. no seriously, there is no internet down here, i am stealing the internet from someone’s unsecured internet as we speak […]

Sandoa’s first tour

Mama Esperance took Sandoa for a walk around the sanctuary today to see the other bonobos. Sandoa probably hasn’t seen any adult bonobos since her mother was killed and the mamas like to take their babies around the sanctuary just so they can see how happy the other bonobos are and what life is like […]

Little bisengo

Here are the girlsĀ  munching on some dinner. A friend of mine did a comparison between chimp babies and bonobo babies. Basically the baby chimp is at the bottom of the heirarchy. they have to give way to everyone, and learn to grovel at a very early age otherwise they get beaten up. The bonobo […]

Good news from Sandoa

Masisi & Sandoa The results are back from the lab – Sandoa is in perfect health! Besides the deep cut around her groin where she was tethered in captivity, she is fine. The cut still has to be treated with antibiotics to prevent infection, but that too is healing nicely. This means Sandoa was finally […]