Monthly Archives: November 2008

happy thanksgiving!

orf. i would have posted this on time, except i was too busy scoffing turkey and then lolling on the couch in a tryptophan induced slumber. news at lola is that the agreement between the Po and Lola ya Bonobo has been signed! a 20,000 hectare area near Basankusu is now officially the sitefor the […]

bonobos in pants?

I had a chat to the lovely Andy Dunn of Bonobos yesterday, who, get this, does pants.Brian was given some for his birthday, and unlike the usual American fat pants, these pants actually make Brian’s bum look hot. This was Tatanga’s face when he saw Brian in Bonobos this summer, who we all know had […]

Bonobos for Christmas!

For all the anxious adopted parents out there, here’s the latest. Boyoma, shock horror, has totally calmed down. He has gone from being a royal terror, to being everyone’s friend. He has stopped picking his nose and beating up on smaller bonobos – he’s hardly recognisable! I hope he doens’t change too much – I’ll […]

fighting in the congo – what this means for bonobos

I’ve had a few emails about fighting in the Congo and whether it will affect the bonobos. From what I can gather from the news, the rebel leader Nkundu is staging his own personal war in the east. Nkundu, FYI was a contender for the presidency of Congo in 2006, and when he wasn’t on […]

bonobos in an MRI?

Anonymous said… I wonder what the protocol is these days for doing research into bonobo neurophsyiology, if there is one – has protocol been developed for, example, doing MRIs on these animals while still maintaining their freedom? Have bonobos from Lola Ya Bonobo been subjects in research beyond simple behavioral research?Part of why I ask […]

I’m back!

oooo, the beach was so lovely. now i am a nice caramel colour while my hubby who had to stay home is a pasty fish belly white. Anyway – thanks for being patient, I had some interesting questions on bonobo handshake so I thought i’d answer them: African Safari Stories said… Hello there. Is it […]