Monthly Archives: December 2008

new years resolutions

it’s coming up to that time again, and i hope you’ve all got your new years resolutions ready! Personally, i’m going to try and lose all the (*&^^ weight i put on at thanksgiving and xmas – seirously whose dumb idea was it to have TWO food oriented holidays within a month of each other? […]

Merry Xmas!!

Brian & Alan Alda

A little while ago Alan Alda did an interview with Brian (hubby) at the NC zoo. The zoo doesn’t have any bonobos, so Brian had to make do with chimps, but he shoved them in the interview anyway. The PBS special will air next year, will keep you guys updated for an airtime! ps. […]

a merry xmas from us…

  Thank you to everyone who has donated to us for Christmas. This December we’ve raised $1500 – our biggest month of the year! From everyone at Lola, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Especially in these times of economic turmoil, we know it’s an especially tough Christmas. That people can still give […]

avoid xmas crowds – donate to charities!

There’s nothing that sets my teeth on edge more than xmas shopping. I hate everything about it – the lines, the crowds, and most of all, the pressure of spending too much money on gifts i know people are going to chuck to the back of their cupboards. Of course if I was like my […]


just got a photo of little lukuru!  Here she is! You can always tell they’re getting better when they’re hair starts to grow. it’s quite an improvement if you think about what she looked like a few months ago. Anyway, she’s a fiesty little thing. I remember even when she was almost too weak to […]

news from the nursery

kata threw a corker of a tantrum yesterday, because Mama Esperance didn’t give her milk before Lomela. Lolo tried to make up for it by hugging Kata with one hand and chugging her milk with the other, but Kata wasn’t having any of it and screamed so loud the mamas ‘thought she would die’. Masisi […]

Sheryl’s worried…

One of our favourite adoptive parents, Sheryl, said about the post ‘happy thanksgiving’: This is where my animal rights ethics and wildlife conservation interests do not mesh. I believe every individual is important, and that sacrificing some for the good of the species is wrong. Personally, I’d prefer a well-armed patrol to protect the bonobos […]

Claudine on bbc news!

Claudine in the House of Lords!

    Our director and founder, Claudine Andre, has just won the inaugural Badham-Evans Award for Women’s Commitment to Wildlife from the Twycross Zoo in London! She was presented with the award at the House of Lords in London, and heaps of famous people were there, including Susannah York, Stephanie Powers and Miranda Richardson, each […]