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going to lola on friday!

yay! i’m leaving for lola on friday so all you worried mamas out there will get updates!!! and pics. i’m still so jetlagged from australia, dunno if i told you i was there but now i’ve given up on trying to get on US time since i’m goign on friday anyway. i can’t wait to […]

Ahhhh!!!! Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “can i have that chimp as my pet?“: I don’t see why you couldn’t have a Bonobo as a pet. They are smaller and nicer than a Chimp. As long as you have a big house and a Vet that can treat it. Ummm…. a bonobo […]


 I feel like there has been a lot of sadness on the blog lately and I need a bit of a pick up. I want all of you to meet Nicholas. He emailed me a little while ago…. Dear Friends of bonobos, My name is Nicholas Sablan,I’m 9 years old,I live in San Bernardino CA.,and […]

more on chimp attack

 a friend of mine, sheril, on the Intersection, reposted my ‘chimps are not pets’ post in light of the recent chimp attack. check out the responses! what do you guys think? You’ve likely already seen this story all over the news: Chimp’s owner calls vicious mauling ‘freak thing’STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — The owner of a […]

chimp attack

i’m sure everyone’s heard of the chimp who just attacked a woman in CT. apparently the woman who looked after the chimp, who btw was an old entertainment chimp who appeared in Pepsi ads, was like her own child. and when she stabbed him with a butcher knife the chimp looked at her as if […]

sad news…

hi everyone, i have some really sad news. i just heard that bahati died. we’re all really sad, i guess with the loss of mimi who was such a character , her loss was easier when we htought that her son would grow up at lola. ahhh these bonobos! i get so attached even by […]

Over $1,500 for bonobo Valentine’s day!

Hey everyone! We raised over $1,500 for Valentines’ day – yay!! Which is well over our target of $1000. Thank you so much everyone who donated, especially our special friend James Brooks (aged 11) who gave up chocolate for Valentines day for his buddy Boyoma. Those Boyoma fans out there will be happy to know […]

last chance for Valentine’s day!

hi everyone! we just need $200 to make our $1000 target for Valentines day – thank  youf or anyone whose already sponsored, if you haven’t yet, go to – even if it’s only $5 or $10 – you’ll get a special certificate and printable card!!!!! if you’ve already donated oney through wildlife direct, email […]

Valentines day for the bonobos!

Since the last blog post we’ve raised over $800 for the bonobos for valentines day!! Thank you to Peter Kroll, Josephine Konrad, Yukishige Kawasaki, Anna Mazzini, Lisa Recht and Dina Chipouline… Help us make it to $1000!  Donate or adopt a bonobo today! FYI both kata and lomela got valentines day adoptions but boyoma is […]

forget flowers – sponsor a bonobo for valentine’s day!