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The keepers found a gabon viper in the bonobo forest! Gabon vipers are the dragons of sub-Saharan Africa. Two horns perch between the nose, and beneath the pale eyes are two geometric brown stripes, flowing outwards like river deltas. They have the longest fangs and spew the most venom of any poisonous snake. If these […]

Food for Sex

someone in the comments asked me what we were doing in congo and now i’m pleased to introduce our new study: food for sex. it’s no secret that whenever there is food around, bonobos have sex. to ease the tension, and to stop fighting – in chimps – the dominant gets the food and if […]


Thank you to Carole Riley, Natacha Santos, Andrew Francis, Angelita Fair … And a very BIG thank you to Jason Comeaux, who donated $400. Thanks to our Wildlife Direct donors: Maciej G. Theresa S. Corinna M. Kit C Ji-ln L. Sherri S. Dina C. Wanda H. Robin D. No one died today, (thank god) but […]

Lola in Trouble

I have some sad news. Kindu was found dead in the forest. This flu epidemic is absolutely horrible. Claudine thinks it was the terrible virus that ran through Kinshasa. There is no fever. Antiobiotics don’t do anything. The bonobos have severe respiratory infections and then they can’t breath for 3 days then they die. It’s […]

Tough Day

we had a really sad day today. Mixa, a little boy from group 1 died today. He was the most special little bonobo, Brian’s favourite. He was always laughing and happy. And he would run up and down the fence line wanting to play. he loved to splash around in the water. we don’t really […]

Thanks for the Donations!

hey! we made it to past $1000 for the release! thanks to the generous donations of Sarah Chancel ($100) John and Bretta Fox ($200). John came to our board meeting last year and gave us some great ideas for taking bonobos into U.S. classrooms and we’re currently working on a lesson plan now. So all […]


Hey, here’s an interview you might be interested in on Paw Talk:  Paw-Talk is a forum and blog for pet enthusiasts and animal lovers interested in discussing the latest news, events, issues, tips, and personal experiences about their pets and animals.  I think it’s awesome they’re branching out to educated people about endangered species, […]

Semendwa’s Baby

it’s a boy! semendwa has had another baby – Leki, which means ‘the first little brother’ because no other babies have a little brother except leki’s sister, elikia. isn’t he darling? i couldn’t get a very good face shot, but i assure you his little wrinkly face is just too too cute! it’s important for […]


Lomela was nowhere in sight but i did get a glimpse of the nose picking monster – boyoma. although he struck me as kind of grown up. He shared food with baby moyi, he ate his papaya with minimum mess, and there was barely a booger in sight! i was almost sad … maybe it […]

Thank You to Wildlife Direct Donors!

OK! just got the numbers from wildlife direct so now we can see where we are with our donations!!!! So thank you to: Wanda H Sherri S Neil B Brenton H Maciej G Robin D Baerbel W Kevin C Sheryl B Brenton H All together, these guys have donated $250, which brings our total up […]