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Masisi is big! look at the photos of her last year and this year! can you see how much bigger she is? i didn’t get a good photo because all she did was run around. up trees, down trees, into the bushes, stealing my camera bag … the only photo i got of her was […]

Internet Woes and Lukuru Update

Yay! internet! sorry for all those anxious parents out here, waiting for news, the Internet was totally kaput for like a week. But now it is on and guess who is first – Lukuru!! This is her last year … Nursery 101 … and now look at her with mama henriette! she is big – […]

release donation widget

yay! sheryl added the donation widget! $20 each time! so help our release project! yay!

We now have 365 acres!

James from Florida sponsored Kata for his friend Gina, our friend Vera  from England donated $50, Sean from Canada donated $15, and J right up the road from me in North Carolina donated $30! So we now have 365 acres for the release site – yay! only 19,635 to go! And I still havent been […]

“Nightline” at 11:35 p.m. ET

Tucked into a rural section of Louisiana, a few miles from Lafayette, an unexpected compound springs from the landscape. It is the nation’s largest primate testing lab. The New Iberia Research Center, part of the University of Louisiana, houses more than 6,000 primates and one of the largest captive populations of chimpanzees in the world. […]

so far…

We have $30 for the release project! Thanks to Lynn Makert and Carole Riley!! We’re hoping to raise $20,000 between the US and France before the release on June 19, so let’s not let those Frenchies show us up. You’ll receive a special certificate featuring an exclusive photo by  Christine d’Hauthuille, French journalist and photographer, […]

Help for the release!

So we have a new mission peeps, raising money for the release! If some of you don’t know, Lola is planning the world’s first bonobo release project. Every great ape except for bonobos has been released into the wild. It’s crucial we have a method that works now while there are still some bonobos left […]