Monthly Archives: April 2009

Claudine’s trip up country

I’ve got bits and pieces of news from Claudine’s visit up country to the release site which I’ll be posting over the next few days. The release is going ahead on June 14 – the very first bonobo release ever! Claudine has done an amazing job preparing the local people, running the education programs and […]

thank you sheryl…

i’m back from congo now, and i wanted to say a big thank you to sheryl b, lukuru’s mom, who has been helping meĀ upload blog posts for the last six weeks. the line in congo is like, super slow, the internet breaking for days, and sheryl was just wonderful, helping me upload the posts and […]

chuppa chup!

kinshasa is in the nursery! and to celebrate, everybody got chuppa chups! kinshasa had sex with everyone and ran into the bushes before i got my camera out but Lukuru (on mama yvonne’s lap), Waka and Sake all stuck around. Note Sake doing her sommersault for joy …

holding kinshasa’s feet!

after chasing kinshasa around for an hour yesterday, today when i took her for a walk i held tight to her little feet – and i had to keep moving. if i stopped she wanted to run away again but as long as we kept going, she had no complaints. results back from the lab […]

kinshasa does a runner

ok, so this was kinshasa’s face today in the vet block … the vet Anne Marie was like, “she’s driving us crazy. she’s been bouncing off the walls.” so i was like, “ok, i’ll take her outside for a bit.” so i take her outside, and she hangs on for about, oh, a second and […]


kinshasa (the new orphan) is just kicking back in the vet block. we have to make sure she’s not carrying any diseases before we introduce her into the nursery. She’s super confident and playful. Not sad at all! She must have lost her mom a while ago. I’m glad b/c she seems in really good […]

the bush baby

in every thing that’s happened, we forgot to announce the arrival of our newest orphan – Kinshasa. She is super cute andĀ  in very good health. We call her the bush baby or the galago because she looks like one – don’t you think?

Shutterspeed Travel

yay! yay! yay! Shutterspeed travel ( have just told us they will be donating $5000 to cover the food shortfall!! so that means we are up to $32,000 to cover the food shortfall, and only short $1,000!!! and i am sure we can raise that by the end of the year:) Julie and Adam, the […]


We brought three bottles of vitamins in the shape of animals for the babies – little did I know how much we would need them!!! Here is Sandoa eating one in the shape of a dinosaur, but she’s pretty much licked him into an oval … We still need donations for bonobo food – please […]

We Love Bonobo Pants!

Last year, became one of our corporate sponsors. In case any body hasn’t heard of them, they make the most stylish pants around. The first pair of pants I’ve bought Brian that actually fit! adopted three bonobos last year, and in response to the food crisis, I got an e-mail from the president, […]