Monthly Archives: May 2009

sandoa was hungry

her share wasn’t enough, apparently.

salonga pregnant again!

did i ever tell you salonga sometimes catches frogs and hugs and pets them? she would be such a good mum but she keep losing her babies! i really really hope she gets to keep this one!!!! look at that massive tummy.

Richard Wrangham’s new book!

Richard Wrangham’s new book is out – Catching Fire! Richard works with us at Lola and is in fact the giant cranium behind all our studies. He is in the new york times today  the review says ‘“Catching Fire” is a plain-spoken and thoroughly gripping scientific essay that presents nothing less than a new […]

sake being sweet

sake is the top bonboo in the nursery now, and she is a right royal terror if you want to go in and get, say, a hug from Kata or Lukuru. As soon as you walk in, Sake will be bungee jumping off your hair. which looks cute but is paainful. anyway, Sake was turning […]


i know this is a bonobo blog, but i just had to show you the puppies! a very shy dog at Lola gave birth andher two little dogs are just adorable! they look like caramel and white chocolate. one of them is twice the side of the other one. we call him Double Stuff and […]

anyone in ohio?

ok, i know this isn’t much warning, but if anyone is in columbus, ohio this thursday night, Claudine (and me) will be at the PASA conference. the dinner tommorrow night is open to the public at the OSU Fawcett Center. you can buy tickets online here or at the door. Worthington Industries Presents: Saving Apes: The […]

Anne Marie from Lola wins an award!

The following is a PASA press release – Anne Marie, our nurse who brought Lomela back to health just won the Siddle Marsden award! A Congolese nurse who travels to remote sections of central Africa to rescue bonobos and once left her family to spend Christmas day nursing an orphaned bonobo back to health has […]

chimpanzee dealer jailed in Congo!

“A wildlife dealer who tried to sell a chimpanzee in the Republic of Congo has been sentenced to a year in prison and fined 1.1 million Fcfa (USD $2,188), a severe penalty that came about through the dogged work of the Projet Protection des Gorilles (PPG) – Congo and other conservation organizations in the region. […]

welcome home claudine!

after a successful trip into the depths of the Congo wilderness, Claudine is home. all the bonobos were happy to see her and brought their babies to show her and catch up on all the news. Lukuru especially was ready with hugs and kisses.

from Claudine’s diary…time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye. The sun was at the zenith, right above our heads and we still had to walk the 6 kilometres back to the Matoku River and take the pirogue downstream to the confluent with the Lopori. In just one night, the water level had gone down quite a bit! Navigation had been […]