Monthly Archives: May 2009

from Claudine’s diary…face to face with the hunters

Today we met with the hunters. They were not very reassured. “What do Maman Claudine and Pierrot want from us?” They knew that we had asked for hunting to stop in “Ekolo ya Bonobo.” Were they afraid of our criticism? We had to reassure them. I already knew that among them I would choose the […]

from Claudine’s diary…meeting the Po

We could not start the new-year without giving our best wishes to the Ilonga-Pôo population. We left for two days of navigation on the Lopori and the Matoku Rivers, to reach the harbour for the village of Boso-Ngubu. Alas, as we had no motorbikes we had to walk the 6 kilometres, zigzagging through the village […]

from Claudine’s diary…the village chiefs

It was hot, very hot after the rain, our pirogue set-off on the Lopori. On board everyone went about their business: Pierrot was writing a report, Titi Ô was sorting through her photos and at the front “Chacal” was singing a hymn as he scanned the horizon looking for a fisherman who had already made […]

Amazone’s family

We  met some of Amazone’s family, three young women, her aunts. I told the story and showed them the many photos of their little niece, I told them of her hospitalisation, our hopes, and despite everything, her last moments of joy discovering a new world in which everyone opened their arms to her and a […]

from Claudine’s diary…Kodoro

We needed to do more than to find a dream spot along the Lopori to set up our camp and start building castles in the sky! So the following day we set off for Kodoro to meet the chief of the group of villages that Elonda is a part of. The expedition began under a […]

from Claudine’s diary…Elonda

  On our way back to Basankusu, we stopped of in Elonda, a little village, camp to some fishermen, along the Lopori, just opposite our release site. I really like this place where the people are so hospitable! The chief of the camp helped us to pick-out a nice spot to set-up our camp. “That’s […]

from Claudine’s diary…Eleke

  With some help from France, we had been able to buy the official textbooks for their little school, some blackboards and the other didactic supplies. It was exam period, and we took the teachers and students by surprise in the middle of a lesson. Pierrot, who had visited before, made the most of the […]

from Claudine’s diary…Mombengele

I had to find the precise area where we are to build the electrified fence (by solar power) of the enclosure planned for the arrival on the day of the release. I already had an idea: Last year I saw an old abandoned camp where all the big trees had been felled and it was […]

from Claudine’s diary…Basankusu

6 o’clock in the morning, and the buzz of life had already started half an hour earlier, at dawn. The Lulonga, covered by a thin veil of morning mist, slowly followed by the bottom of the garden of our house and office. I could hear the song of the fishermen coming from here and there, […]