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anxiously awaiting…

Florent, the videographer, the amazing Nick de Souza (regional director for WSPA), and our vet, Marie Laure arrive with their precious cargo… … and here are the Po, the bonobo guardians, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bonobos! the cheif himself is here, in his leopard skin had with leopard teeth necklace ( a very […]

relive the release!

yay! i just got some photos from the release that i’ll be posting over the next week! they really tell the story of how excited everyone is. Here are the bonobos getting loaded onto the plane our vets, Marie laure and Michel (left and right) and in the middle, Florent, our videographer michel and Marie […]

bonobo release – beni!!!

Beni is one of my favourite bonobos because he is super smart! Recall the windows task where you can watch the video. He understands gravity! Which is actually not that common and, OK yes, as you’ll read in the post I failed it, which might make me dumb, but i think it makes Beni really […]

update from Nick D’Souza

Nick is one of Lola’s most beloved vets. He has been there almost since the beginning, and currently heads up WSPA Africa. Here is his latest post (thanks Sheryl!) We’re all amazed as we continue to follow the journey of nine lucky bonobos who have now been released back into the wild. WSPA’s Nick D’Souza […]

bonobo release – Lomela

OK, i know a lot of people are going to freak out, pacing the kitchen and wondering when their little baby girl is going to be alright. i know many of you have followed her journey from a hairless little skeleton into a beautiful, kind bonobo, and shed tears and offered prayers for her. But […]

bonobo release – report from the field 2

OK … day 2 … I didn’t go to see the bonobos until the evening … but oh my, the adventures! Lisala a young female and Lukaya, jumped the fence … Lomami tried to follow but unfortunately the branch they had used wouldn’t allow him to! So the first ever bonobo to be reintroduced into […]

bonobo release – report from the field

this is from Gladys, a volunteer at the release site: Wow! Best experience of my life! Oh my God, the past few days have been amazing! I’m not even sure where to start! Ok, On Sunday the bonobos arrived safely in Basankusu, they where loaded onto a truck in front of a public worthy of […]

bonobo release concerns

hi everyone, i know a few people have concerns about the release, so I’m going to try and address them here. I know I’ve only been posting about the release for a while, but the planning stages have been going on for 3 years. So, according to IUCN guidelines, all the possible candidates for release […]

bonobo release – kubulu

kubulu is the one of mudbath fame a few days ago. Well now he can go into the forest and take as many mudbaths as he likes. my first memory of kubulu is that every morning without fail he would run away from the nursery, run to our table as we were eating breakfast, plunge […]

bonobo release today!!

the bonobos will be released today! i just got this message from Pierrot, our education officer ‘Everything is set to go! nine of the 17 bonboos selected for the release are soon arriving at Basankusu. A strong team of experts are coming with them: Claudine, Marielle, who will be looking after the release site, Gladez, […]