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bonobo release – etumbe & mbano

Etumbe is the sweetest female I know. She is 23 years old which is full grown and oneday i went walking int eh forest with her and she just held my hand and groomed me. it was such a beautiful moment. she will be the group’s female leader. Here she is with her baby mbano. […]

wait a minute….

before i start talking about bonobos, i should tell you what’s goign to happen. ok so on the 14th, a special plane with all the seats taken out will fly the first group of 9 bonobos to basankusu, it’s about a 2 hour flight. then they get unloaded and driven to the reelase site with […]

bonobo release – lomami

lomami was the saddest bonobo i ever saw. in 2005, he had just arrived at the sanctuary. all the fingers on his right hand had beencut off, some of them at different times. basically someone locked him up in a cage, cut off a finger, came back a few days later, cut off another one. […]

bonobo release – countdown!

wow – i can’t believe it’s here already- the first group of bonobos will be released on June 14 – in two days! Over the next few weeks i think it’s going to be hard to get news from the field so every day i’m going to write about the bonobos who will be released […]

kiss from keza

keza was one of the bonobos in a biomedical laboratory. he had never seen grass before he came to Lola. this is his favourite expression


guylaine took this photo of kubulu – can you tell it’s the rainy season? he’s having a bit of a mud bath. i think he’ll be clean by 2010


Manono, the adult male LOVES Claudine. he goes bonkers every time he sees her. Here he’s giving her a smooch through the fence. no doubt if the fence wasn’t there he would have leapt into her lap

lolo looking pensive

god knows how guylaine got this photo – Lomela is so hard to snap shot! But here she is looking beautiful and pensive.

sandoa being cute

nothing more to say, really …


Last week I got an email from a friend of mine, Sheril Kirschenbaum, who runs a very popular blog called The intersection. She wrote ‘I invite you to join a very important blogospheric initiative called SILENCE IS THE ENEMY starting June 1st to help a generation of young women half a world away .  Why?  […]