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More news on Etumbe’s baby!

The group is so thrilled about the new birth – Look at little Lomela on the far left – can you all believe she’s so big??And that’s Mbano, Etumbe’s son, on her right. Here is a letter from Suzy, our Congolese student in the field: Everything is going well in the forest with the bonobos. […]

First baby bonobo from the release group born in the wild!!

  Dear all, We have the pleasure to tell you that the first baby is born at Ekolo ya bonobo!!!! A little female. Etumbe give us this double present: Mbano, first baby born at Lola ya bonobo and now this little female that we momed “NSOMI YA EKOLO” (the first born at Ekolo) Remember the […]

More from our friends at

Our sponsors at have just launched a new campaign for Lola! It’s called Save the Bonobos and they are donating $5 from shorts (Nanners), pants (Congos) and shirt (the green one!). We love bonobo pants!


[kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Thanks for helping me figure it out!!!


i have some more videos but as you can see i’ ironing out the glitches. the video with nick isn’t exactly centered or anything but i think you guys can play it, right?

Interview with Nick de Souza

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The release – the movie.. still working on it…

Being technologically challenged, i am still trying ot wor out how to upload a video to wordpress -anyoen got any ideas? Florent, Lola’s videographer worked very hard on a movie that i want to show you all but i can’t upload the )(*&* thing!! Will work on it some more – but int he meantime, […]

Marie Laure has a moment

Marie Laure is our head vet now, and here she is having a quiet moment under our brand new sign! It reads ‘Ekolo ya Bonobo’ which is Lingala for ‘place of the bonobos’. Marie Laure’s dad was a doctor in Congo 20 years ago, and Claudine was always calling him to help with the bonobos. […]

Etumbe is pregnant!

Etumbe is pregnant ! isn’t that wonderful news – hopefully this baby will be the first release birth ever!!! I don’t want to get my hopes up but it would just be too wonderful. The measure of success for any release program is if the released individuals reproduce… i know this is cheating a bit […]


In all the release excitement, I forgot to say, our friends at have made a new pair of men’s swimmers (that’s what we call them in Australia – do Americans call them trunks or bathers or what?) they were designed specially for Lomela well actually for all the bonobos at Lola but I bet […]