Monthly Archives: October 2009

the frog..

¬†Fizzi, the big brave male of enclosure 2, found a dead, dry frog the other day. Upon seeing it, he squealed like a little girl until his buddy Makali, another big male came over to see what all the fuss was about. Upon seeing the frog, Makali also started squealing, and got into such a […]

Sankuru update

For all those waiting for news of Sankuru, here she is! this little one has lately become more independant, she’s bee climbing down off her Mama, and now spends most of her time playing with her brothers and sisters. Her favorite of the moment seems to be big brother Eleke, who is big enough to […]

Salonga’s baby still alive!

It’s a miracle – after losing every baby she’s had until now, Salonga has become an extraordinary mother to Kimia – who is now 3 months old! Salonga, as some of you know, has always been desperate for a baby, mothering frogs, small mammals and even large insects. Now, her own baby is strong, healthy, […]

Kinshasa l’acrobat

Kinshasa, the new bonobo we rescued last April, is a tight rope walker! she amuses herself all day long by going to the highest and longest bar on the jungle gym and walking up and down it! Phillipe petite French in the making?

the lomako and kodoro trap

this is one of the perils/perks of being a long distance blogger – i ask everyone who goes to lola for photos and stories, especially of the ones we love like kata, lomela& boyoma – but as soon as they get there they get all caught up in the absolute CUTENESS of lomako and kodoro […]

zannah – the clothes theives

the bonobos are being very successful clothes theives at the moment. seems to be several times per week at least.This morning, Dilolo and Kisantu carefully selected an appropriate stick to swipe one of the day keepers shirts. they were very content swinging about in the trees with their booty, and then manono spent hours washing […]

zannah and lomako

(oops – i got it wrong – i thought kodoro and lomako were little girls – but they’re actually little boys! sorry you two!) the 2 new males, Lomako and Sodoro are really making progress. Lomako is pretty shy still, but he is still so small! their quarantine time is nearly up, so soon it […]

more news from zannah…

zannah is sending us more news, so I asked her if she could tell us a little about herself… ‘ im in the Psychology dept at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, part of the Scottish Primate Research Group. Im studying vocal communication in bonobos, and of course its relationship to social cognition. Im […]


I don’t know if I mentioned this but we have a new vet! Fanny has been at Lola for a few months and everyone loves her – including the bonobos! We usually have female vets, as you’ve probably noticed, coz it’s a little known fact that bonobos prefer women to men, seriously. i don’t know […]


The other little bonobo who was rescued a few weeks ago, Kodoro, is now firmly latched onto Mama Henriette. She must be one of the tiniest bonobos we have rescued at Lola. She needs to get some meat on those bones…