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the release site – this says it all…

release fruit from the zannah

The bonobos are becoming quite the foragers in the forest! Here’s some of the fruit bonobos eat there. They love these red fruits, Tondolo! They find them in the forest too.

lomela – From Zannah

All those anxious Lomela mothers – here is some news from Zannah: ‘Here’s just a few more pics- one of your favourite little forest lady Lomela. Lomela is on great form up there. When she arrived she was pretty nervous, it was a big change! But now she’s grown much more confident. But she understands […]

Mama Claudine

  Claudine, for those of you who don’t know, is the heart and soul of Lola. Born in Belgium, she has lived in Congo since she was 3, and she is known throughout Kinshasa for her fiery red hair. I have never in my life met a more selfless, kind, dedicated person. She is a […]

new baby…

ok, i’m a bit out of the loop – Lola has a new orphan and I don’t know their name! Or their story! Have written to ask, even thought I know her story will be the same as everyone else’s story – her mother was shot by poachers, and she was taken from her mother’s […]

kinshasa the bush baby grows up

Does anyone remember Kinshasa? You can read the posts about her arrival and various antics here: (scroll down past chuppa chups) well Rob Leyland from the British Embassy has sent photos!! and she looks so beautiful and big!! I just love seeing the bonobos grow up year after year. Kinshasa just had an unbreakable […]


Gosh, I don’t know if i’ve had time to announce our new vet – Fanny! It’s really hard to find a great vet who wants to live in one of the most dangerous countries in the world and take care of a bunch of 60 hairy orphans, so Fanny is just a gift. It is […]

are chimps so bad?

Blackbird wrote: ‘I like bonobos as much as the next thing, but, why demonising chimps at the minimum opportunity? True, chimps occasionally kill other chimps, but this is not an everyday behaviour. Male chimps hunt, but then there is sharing between the hunters, and also meat is given to females. Chimps have also been observed […]

i love the wet season…

these photos were taken by Rob Leyland from the British embassy when it was pouring during the wet season. I love the wet season coz everything looks so lush and green – but i’m amazed rob snapped these pics and still didn’t get his camera wet – when it rains, it really really rains. it’s […]

opala – the alpha of all alphas

i realise i’ve never said much about opala, because she is so hard to photograph, so i’m very grateful to Rob Leyland from the British embassy for taking these photos! Opala, is the number one top dog of group 1. She is one tough cookie, and belies the concept that bonobos are supposed to be […]