Monthly Archives: February 2010

Bonobo cannibalism?

Hey everyone, check this out: Wild bonobo mother ape eats own infant in DR Congo By Matt Walker Editor, Earth News A wild bonobo has been seen cannibalising her own recently deceased two and a half-year-old infant this result is amazing. nothing like this has been ever been seen like this before, that I […]

Nsomi & Motema

Nsomi, the first born at the release site, is quite fascinated with Motema – the latest addition to the release group. (I just love Nsomi’s little face btw… i just want to pinch those cheeks!!) Nsomi is always touching Motema, softly patting her head or gently stroking her face. Hopefully the two will become fast […]

Lola’s bonobos in the news!!

This just came out in New Scientist. Not only was the work done by our research group, but it was also done at Lola! Don’t forget to watch the totally cute video of Eleke and Sake! and the bonobo in the photo is Semendwa! Sharing apes: what bonobos have in common with us If you […]

release site: from Zannah

The village people are being very positive for supporting the project. when i was there, the villagers oragnised their own ‘welcome’ party for Suzy (who is running the release site at the moment), they all came, drums, dancing and singing, to celebrate the coming of Suzy. They were generous in giving lots of presents, such […]

little Motema

Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate that the bonobos at the release site are going so well!! 2 babies!! it’s absolutely wonderful. Both the ladies Etumbe and Lukaya were pregnant before they went to the release site and the fact that they gave birth so effortlessly just goes to show how well they […]