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Lovely letter from Jane

After Jane dropped into Lola, with her usual elegance, she wrote a lovely letter to Claudine saying that she definately knows now that chimps and bonobos are two different species. The swimming of all the bonobos was such a wonderful sight! Jane also made the very first donation into the donation box… We love you […]

this is so cute

There is a dearth of bonobo-related material out there, but this morning, someone sent me this video. These are all bonobos from Lola, by the way. Sure to cheer up your morning! It makes me miss Fraggle Rock. go bonobos

Humans Have a Lot to Learn From Bonobos, Scientist Says

What can we learn from bonobos? Brian spills all to Live Science Primatologist Brian Hare wishes more people could discover what bonobos can teach us about human nature. “I really think they are the smartest ape in the world,” he said. “We have a lot to learn from them.” Bonobos are genetically close to humans, […]

Jane Goodall at Lola

What a wonderful surprise visit! For the first time, Jane ‘dropped in’ at Lola to see the bonobos! She arrived with no entourage, just one companion to the surprise and delight of the staff. The bonobos were on their best behaviour for the famous chimpanzee warrior – all 20 of group 1 were bathing and […]

So wonderful to see Claudine…

Well the palooza is over and Claudine is gone – sad! It was so wonderful to see her here in America – she is always taking care of us in Kinshasa. Everyone who met her here loved her, and her talks were super inspiring! And we raised almost $4,000 – which was a great effort […]

There’s still time!

Primate Palooza tonight!

Tonight, at Duke University in NC we are celebrating primates, especially bonobos. Because bonobos get ignored back front and sideways as demostrated by this family tree: which happens ALL the time (ironically this image was on the post “know your family tree” ) WHERE ARE BONOBOS??? So like the fat kid at school, to make […]

What it takes to be a hero

almost forgot!

Brian said he spent hours with Lomela at the release site – and she’s doing great! i told him to get photos but he lost his camera (idiot) so you’ll just have to take my word for it for now. will try and rummage up some photos soon…

more on the basankusu party

Just got some more photos from Suzy at the release site. She writes: Our education program at the release site has been going great! We had t-shirts made with the Ekolo ya bonobo logo on it and had a great public parade – check out all the bonobo females in a line. We’ve been keeping […]