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Am I coming to a city near you?

Come and see me as I promote my new book about Lola’s bonobos Bonobo Handshake

Why bonobos will save the world

When I wake up this morning, someone might try to kill me. I live 10 minutes from a small town called Durham, NC, where according to the last statistics, 22 people were killed, 76 women were raped, and there were 682 cases of aggravated assault. When a chimpanzee wakes up in the morning, they probably […]

Blog merge!

Hey everyone, I’m on book tour today for Bonobo Handshake, so I don’t have time to write the 3 blogs that I run now. So for the next few weeks, I’m goign to be merging the Friends of Bonobos blog and the Wildlife Direct blog with my Psychology Today blog. I hope you guys still […]

Bonobo Handshake book launch Thursday!

If anyone is in the Raleigh/ Durham/ Chapel Hill region, I’ll be talking at the Regulator book store on Thursday evening. For more tour details please visit:

Lukaya tickling her baby’s feet


Bonobo Handshake out this week!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that something very exciting is happening this week. I’ve been working on a book about Lola’s bonobos for 5 years, and it’s finally out this Friday. It’s about all the bonobos we work with at Lola, the whole stories of those you know so well, like […]

To the ones that made it

In honor of the baby bonobo who died this week, I wanted to talk about those who made it. Below is Lomela, who arrived at the sanctuary in 2007. She was so malnourished, all her hair fell out, and she had kwashiorkor, the distended belly you see in famine children. No one thought she would […]

Wild bonobos!

Not really, but they look wild don’t they? Apparently there are some wild bonobos around the release site. But no one has seen them yet – they aren’t habituated. I wonder what will happen if they meet. Maybe we’ll have the first wild born bonobo!!

Three month old baby too young to survive

Near the Bandundu province of Congo, a man called Jean Efoko bought two bonobos from a hunter. Jean hoped to sell the bonobos in the markets of Kinshasa, and kept the bonobos for a month until he could make his way down to the city. When he arrived in Kinshasa, he asked a driver for […]

Help James save the gorillas

James first wrote to me to find out how he could help bonobos when he was 11. Now he is all growed up at 13, has met Jane Goodall, Kanzi, and has just become a general superstar. He is one of three finalists in his category for the National ME TO WE Award. If he […]