To the ones that made it

In honor of the baby bonobo who died this week, I wanted to talk about those who made it. Below is Lomela, who arrived at the sanctuary in 2007. She was so malnourished, all her hair fell out, and she had kwashiorkor, the distended belly you see in famine children. No one thought she would make it. But I took this photo one afternoon of Lomela sitting with Mwanda, another orphan. Mwanda didn’t try to play with Lomela or steal her food, like she did with the other orphans in the nursery. Instead, she sat quietly with her, hugged her, and groomed her foot.

Lomela made it, and is now one of the bonobos that has been released into the wild.

She owes her survival to her strength of spirit, and a little kindness from her friends.


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