Monthly Archives: May 2010

Etumbe’s family

Here is the latest family portrait – Etumbe’s son Mbano and Nkumu. I just think it’s such a sweet story – Etumbe has been through so much. She started out captured in the wild and ended up in a biomedical laboratory for years in Kinshasa. The lab was used for HIV research and who knows […]

keeping their distance from the trackers

We had some problems for a while with the bonobos being too interested in people. They would just stay wherever the people were and not go and eat any food. Sometimes the big male would display and push the trackers over. It was a puzzle for a while – the chimpanzee releases never seemed to […]

New baby doing well

The second baby born at Ekolo, Motema, is in great health. She’s a curious little thing, always wanting to get up and explore, but her mother, Lukuru, keeps her close. I just love baby bonobos. I love their slightly buggy eyes. they look a bit like black goldfish. and those little ears. I just want […]


Lunchtime! Kubulu is foraging like a little champion, look at him going through this dead tree stump. Sorry if this blog is getting a little bit like ‘oh look a bonobo burped’ or ‘oh look, they are walking’ but in so many release programs, up to half the individuals die. And I’ve known some of […]


The bonobos built a nest! This is really cool because at Lola they weren’t building nests, they were sleeping inside the night building. So now they are back in the forest, sleeping outside, and they are building nests to sleep in! I wonder how they remember? Etumbe, the alpha female was in a laboratory for […]

Bonobo chimps filmed shaking their head to ‘say no’

Straight from BBC about the bonobos we used to know in Leipzig! Bonobos have been filmed appearing to ‘say no’ by shaking their heads, report scientists. On a number of occasions, bonobos were filmed using side to side head movements to prevent others from doing something they did not want them to do. In one […]

The first born at Ekolo

It’s crazy how fast the babies grow up! It feels like only a second ago that little Nkumu was the size of a jelly bean and now she’s running all over the forest! Look at her!

Lomela in the forest

Our lovely girl is doing so well in the forest. Look at how grown up she is now! All the bonobos are foraging nicely in the forest. In fact sometimes they travel so far in search of food that the trackers have a hard time keeping up with them! It’s wonderful to see the bonobos […]