Sankuru in with the Big boys!

Judging by Sankuru’s dominant behaviour in enclosure 3 “Training for reintroduction” we decided it best to put her into Enclosure 2 for a bit of discipline!

In she went along with Sake… and what a sensation she made… The start of her swelling completely disrupted the order within the group!! For two days, no-one came back to the regular meeting points… (Distribution of soya milk, feeding time…) except the “Old crew”… Tshilomba, Maya, Makali… whereas the young males could think of nothing else than the young females “charm”…

After three days, things had changed… each tried their luck in turn… some more successful than others!

Indeed two very young males, Moyi aged two and a half (Tshilomba’s son), and Bisengo aged five (Maya’s son), were obsessed, being the “cheifs’ sons” they pushed away the fully grown males with total nonchalance!

Who knows… will the ex-star Likasi have to share her fame?

To be continued…

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