Monthly Archives: September 2010

Maya’s news

Congratulations to Maya, for the birth of her second baby !!! First rumours indicate that Maya gave birth to a healthy little male a long awaited little brother for Bisengo who, at the age of 5 was still following his mother around like a 2 or 3 year old! Maya is a very special bonobo for […]

Interview with bonobo friend Gay Reinartz on Mongabay website

Gay Reinartz is a true friend of bonobos! Check out what she’s up to on the rest of the interview: “Unlike every other of the world’s great apes—the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan—saving the bonobo means focusing conservation efforts on a single nation, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While such a fact would seem to […]

Lomela , the forest nymph!

All the bonobos are doing really well in the forest. Two wild births so far (even though both of them conceived at the sanctuary, so we’re still waiting for the first wild born bonobo. The bonobos have expanded their foraging range, which means they are less and less dependant on the supplementary food. I know […]

Masisi loves crocs

Pierrot was going about his guided tour as usual… on arrival at the nursery he noticed the visitors where particularly distracted. And with good reason… Masisi had stolen one of Marthe’s Crocs and was wondering around with it on… a little fashion show for the visitors who observed in amusement. Realising that they where no […]