Monthly Archives: November 2010

Mbano! Oh so generous !

On a foraging expedition in the forest the bonobos discovered a new fruit, a fruit none of them had ever tasted before, high up in the trees. With incredible generosity, Mbano thought of the poor trackers down below, they couldn’t go without tasting this wonderfully sweet Landophia could they?  And so after a few HOURS […]

Pierrot meets Mickey in the USA!

Following about 18 hours of flight time and endless hours in airports Pierrot, in charge of the education programme at Lola, safely landed in Florida to take part in the 20th International Zoo and Aquarium Educators Conference hosted by Disney’s Animal Kingdom. His presentation, entitled “Educating local communities as part of a reintroduction of bonobos […]

One-way…no make that a return transfer!

We received an e-mail from Frank at J.A.C.K., the chimpanzee sanctuary in the south-east of the country to let us know that ‘Ekolo’ the baby chimp had safely arrived. As you, followers of the blog will know J.A.C.K. helped us back in June when they were involved in the confiscation of a young bonobo ‘Shibombo’ […]

“Bonobos” will hit french cinema screens on the 6th of April 2011

Alain Tixier and his team came back to Lola to shoot the last sequences for the cinema documentary film “BONOBOS”. The adventure started over two years ago and the film will finally be released on the big screen next spring… in 3D! Shooting at Lola shooting from the boat… and even from the sky under […]