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Claudine André’s Best Wishes for 2011!

Dear Friends of Bonobos, Claudine André as well as all the team at Lola ya Bonobo and Ekolo ya Bonobo would like to wish you a Happy New Year for 2011. As we say in Kinshasa: BONANA!!! Here is a message from Claudine herself, going over the accomplishments in 2010 and announcing the plans for […]

Happy holidays!

Ape House is a New York Times Bestseller!!!

Sara Gruen’s new book Ape House ( is a New York Times Bestseller! Why are we so excited? Firstly, it’s a book about bonobos, the least known of all the great apes (and our favourite!!) A study was just carried out at Duke University (USA) and only 25% of people even know bonobos are a great […]

Ideas for Christmas…

Why not support the ABC by adopting one of our orphans, each adoptive parent receives a certificate and a photo as well as news updates on the bonobos!!! ( ) Katako is among the bonobos up for adoption… Or you could buy a pair of ‘Congos’, ‘Nanners’ or a green T-Shirt from BONOBO ( ) […]

The Baenga from Basankusu

The Baenga are one of the three populations neighbouring the Ekolo ya Bonobo reserve, just opposite Basankusu. Last June, Etumbe, leader of the pack, led our bonobos into the Baenga’s forest where they decided to make themselves at home… so we have decided to give their primary school a helping hand… I mean, at the […]

Females better with tools?

Men are supposedly handier with a screwdriver, but not in our closest living relatives, bonobos. Apparently the females use tools more frequently and flexibly than the males, and use tools for a wide range of activities. Researchers Thibaud Gruber and Klaus Zuberbu?hler of St Andrews University recently published their findings from Lola ya Bonobo. The […]

We can buy Totaka Island for our Bonobos!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us for our fundraiser that took place on the 6th of November in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!! We need 25K to buy Totaka island and we raised 15K at the fundraiser. A big Thank you to Karen Page who organised such a wonderful evening. The drummers, the […]

Sad news… Luozi is no more!

Luozi in happier days… high in his tree, watching Stany in the boat down below during a feeding. Luozi, a 7 year old male, had not been feeling well for two days. We decided to isolate him from the rest of the group as it was soon clear that his symptoms were nothing to do […]

The virus spreads…

Enclosure 1 : For one week now Kikwit has been refusing to come into the night building at the end of the day, that’s often the way when the males get ill. They must feel more vulnerable in front of the alliance of females when they are not on top form. We suspected it to be […]

The flu again…

In the Nursery: So the flu came and went, Phew!!! All the little ones are doing well, playing just as before. Katako is back into the swing of things, stealing the milk bottles from the little ones! Our Little Shibo was the worst-off and caused a great deal of worry, luckily he pulled through and […]