The virus spreads…

Enclosure 1 :

For one week now Kikwit has been refusing to come into the night building at the end of the day, that’s often the way when the males get ill. They must feel more vulnerable in front of the alliance of females when they are not on top form. We suspected it to be the virus that started in the nursery… positive… Kikwit has a cold and ‘bronchitis’! Being that he is quite close to Kalina at the moment, she kept him company in the days as he sat on the periphery of the group… but come nightfall she had to leave him to follow her daughter, Malaïka, into the night building and to find a nice hammock for the night.

Poor Kikwit is nervous around everyone, even Stany, his keeper. This, of course doesn’t make it any easier to feed him and give him his medication. So we brought in Jean-Claude, Yvonne and Lukoli from enclosure 3 who managed to gain his trust to sidestep the problem.

To our greatest surprise, it would seem that Salonga (young mother of 13 yrs), usually very shy, has grown a backbone… Stany witnessed her standing up to Kalina who was trying to steal a banana from her… or perhaps she just saw her coming for once… we do have our suspicions that Salonga might be terribly short-sighted!

Enclosure 2:

And so the virus spread further… through the electric fence and into enclosure 2! The first to be affected was Little Moyi, Tshilomba’s son, we saw him get very weak.

Little Moyi looking a bit worse for wear.

With Fanny at the annual PASA Vet meeting in Johannesburg and Cléménce having definitively returned home, to the Kivu, Anne-Marie was needed left, right and centre.

Other news…

Bisengo, Maya’s first born has finally realised that he needs to leave his place for his little brother, Mayele… and so he now spends a lot of time playing with the adult males…Max in particular.

Bisengo, happily playing with Max.

Sankuru is having a bit of a break…she no longer seems to be the star in the eyes of the males. If you remember they all went wild on her arrival into the enclosure back in July.


And last but not least… Isiro reaching the end of her pregnancy now is getting bigger and rounder every day!

Isiro ready to pop.

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