Monthly Archives: January 2011

Quenching Kananga’s thirst

The weather has been extremely hot these past few days, Kananga looking to quench her thirst decided that the little bottles we had to offer weren’t quite enough and chose to go for a 20L ‘bottle’ instead…

Ombwe is growing

Ombwe is our youngest orphan in the Nursery, he has really grown these past few months but bottle time is still a very important time of day for him. Even if he still stays pretty much glued to Maman Henriette, he is slowly beginning to assert himself and doesn’t hesitate to slap or bite anyone […]

What to do on a rainy day?

Rainy days in Lola can be quite long for the Nursery babies, so we need to find ideas to keep them busy, they have so much energy to exert. Luckily, Fanny has got more than a few ideas and she came to the nursery the other day with two basket-balls. At first these two new […]

Miss-tick and Kodoro…

Miss-tick, our dog at Lola, absolutely loves being petted, indeed she even seems to love the attention she gets from Kodoro, who is not at all afraid of what must seem to him to be a “very strange bonobo”!!! It has to be said, Kodoro has become a real little tough guy, afraid of nothing […]

High schools Skype to save bonobos (and humanity)

Yesterday Aaron Sandel and Kara Schroepfer (both students at Duke university, NC, USA) had a discussion about bonobo conservation with a high school in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The biology club had questions about Friends of Bonobos and bonobo cognition and conservation. After discussing research by Dr. Brian Hare’s research team on bonobo cooperation, empathy and cognition, […]

Thank you for Totaka!!!

We just wanted to send out another big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us raise the funds to buy Totaka Island – future bonobo sanctuary located right in the heart of their natural habitat in the Province of Equateur – a sanctuary for those of our bonobos who would never be able to be […]

Bisengo has hair again… finally!!!

Bisengo had been spending his nights in the forest, ill with bronchitis… luckily he is now better and has stared regaining the night cages with his mother, Maya, who is so distracted with her new little baby, Mayele, that she has even forgotten to pluck Bisengos hairs out! What a metamorphosis for Bisengo who had […]

A message from Claudine

“You will have seen my best wishes on the site already so I won’t go on… well just a bit… enough to wish you all a year full of sweetness and tenderness, of joy but also good health and prosperity for all of you! For us the year ahead is sure to be dedicated to […]

Isiro loses her first baby!

Isiro, a 12 year old female recently gave birth to a tiny little male, so small in fact that we believed that he may have been born prematurely. Aside from the hairs on his tiny head, the rest of his body was totally naked. We decided to keep Isiro, who is both young and a […]

News of the babies.

Finally the virus epidemic that ran through the sanctuary in December is over… life at Lola is back to usual! Mischievous Katako has also got back into her old habits: during the milk distribution she steals the bottles from the smallest bonobos, delivering free slaps and kicks! She no longer carries Sandoa around as much […]