Monthly Archives: February 2011

The “other” residents at Lola…

Rats and mice are a risk for the bonobos at Lola, their urine and excrement can cause illnesses that are a real threat. But thankfully we have a team onboard to help out in this department: Our two ever-faithful dogs, Rocky our lovely cross-breed Labrador and Miss-Tick, of a local breed and oh so charming, […]

Muanda’s nostalgia of the punk era !

Muanda has decided to take us back to the punk era! Indeed, she did not just stick her fingers into a live plug…but here she is sporting her new dishevelled hairdo, but what is her secret, how does she get her hair to stand up straight on her head comme wind or rain??? I guess […]

Minesi Bridge is fixed!

As you all know, Lola ya Bonobo welcomes thousands of visitors each year, visitors who can walk around the whole of the sanctuary to observe the bonobos in their forest… for a while now the Minesi Bridge had a rather large and rather dangerous hole in it! Thanks to a donation of beams from SIFORCO […]

Article on one of our top volunteers:

To read the article please click on the image below:

Nioki packs her bags… and does some reforesting!

Nioki must have heard that she would soon be taking a long journey towards freedom; here she is trying on outfits for her packing… But Nioki is not only interested in the futilities of life, as a responsible bonobo, she is aware of the global problems of deforestation and so giving her own little contribution […]

Lomako : in need of a vacation ?

Lomako must have heard of the mid term vacation coming up; bag packed, picnic in his hand… all set to go on an adventure…

Hannah’s bake sale for the Bonobos!

Bandunudu picking a water lily from the lake… in thanks perhaps? All of us at Friends of Bonobos want to send out a big thank you to Hannah, a 16 year-old pupil at the Masters School in the state of New York, for a donation of 1000$ that she sent to us after having organised […]

Party time in the nursery!

The Mamas are always full of ideas to keep the nursery babies busy and to encourage their development; Today’s lesson, singing and body expression with Mama Esperance… Lukuru is particularly talented in this art form!

Little siblings bond !

One might think that Moyi was sharing a mischief master-plan with his little sister Sanza… Whatever it may be, their mother, Tshilomba is right behind them keeping a watchful eye on her two little ones who have grown so close… perhaps as they are so close in age… if you remember Tshilomba had Sanza when […]

Sake: 50% angel – 50% devil

It is true that young Sake is very beautiful, with the auburn sheen of her black coat and her soft eyes, but don’t be fooled, she may look like a calm, well-behaved young female bonobo but in her group now, she is constantly surrounded by the males who she drives crazy with endless chase and […]