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Reintroduction – part II – leaving Basankusu

So everything went really well, currently Kikongo, Sankuru and Tshilenge are getting used to their new life at Ekolo. Tshilenge and Kikongo (who has found a new friend in Lukaya), have fallen into the pace of the group. Sankuru still spends a fair bit of time with the trackers but with no physical contact which […]

Reintroduction – part II – arrival at Mombengele

Last few moments in their cages after 9 hours of travelling… The cages were set down within the arrival enclosure… 1st few steps towards freedom…

“BONOBOS” in paris!!!

So the film is to be released tomorrow in France ! The ad campaign is doing well, what joy to be able to go around Paris and see bonobos everywhere!!! Take a look for yourselves!!!

Quick news from Ekolo

Yesterday we received a message from Fanny, the Lola vet, who accompanied the three bonobos to Ekolo ya Bonobo. On their first night spent inside the enclosure at Mombengele, Tshilenge was very calm, Kikongo was desperately looking for a way to get out and join the others on the other side of the electric fence […]

Such great news to share…. Ekolo ya Bonobo – the second reintroduction!

The second phase of the reintroduction has finally taken place… after logistical problems of all sorts we were finally able to get started on the morning of the 22nd of March 2011. Jean-Claude and Papa Phillippe prepare the cages for transporting the bonobos. All the staff members involved were up and ready at 1:30am, the […]

“BONOBOS” the film… a preview… in french i’m afraid!

Now, I know this is in French, but I am sure that this will interest more than a few of you…the trailer for “BONOBOS” the movie!!! Click on one of the image below to watch it!!!

Friends of Bonobos on Facebook

In order to widen the number of followers we have, Friends of Bonobos is now officially on Facebook. Find us under the name “Friends of Bonobos” … ‘like’ us… suggest us to friends… share us… follow snippets of the blog… post comments… take part in discussions… See you soon on Facebook!

The bonobos discover the poster for the movie “BONOBOS”.

Alain Tixier, the producer of the movie “BONOBOS” (soon to be released in France) brought the poster to show to the ‘stars’ of the movie. They spent time looking at it, showing it to one another, touching it… perhaps pleased to see themselves portrayed so nicely! They seemed pleased with the end result… Thank you […]

BBC Article: Promiscuous apes shout about sex

Here is a BBC article on some research carried out at Lola ya Bonobo by the ‘new’ Dr Zanna Clay, to read the article click on the image below. You can also find her full scientific article by following the link below the image. Click here for the full scientific article.

Kipolo’s appointment with the ophtalmologist.

A visit from the ophtalmologist, Dr Kelekele, who we called for little Kipolo. Diagnosis: Double cataract!!!! That’s tough… especially for a little guy who can’t be any older than 7 yet! We are going to try to have him operated upon by the doctors at the university campus. In order to give him a good […]