Monthly Archives: April 2011


She is still just a little girl! She hasn’t yet managed to cut the “cord” with humans. Although she has been in the adult enclosure for over a year now she still requests cuddles and attention from us. But don’t be misled, she also puts on quite a show for the bonobos in her group. […]

More bonobos on their way to Ekolo ya Bonobo…

On the 17th of April yet another group of bonobos headed off for the wild! Early in the morning preparations began for the transfer of Tembo, Boyoma, Nioki and her baby boy, Bomengo! Nioki goes under for the final tests as little Bomengo holds on tight to her. Everything went well, Nioki was a bit […]


Masisi is the current terror of the nursery, she pulls all sorts of stunts ! Luckily, Katako, the biggest of the nursery group is there to chase her away when she really crosses the line! Masisi’s passion… Katako! They put on a truly amourous show for all the visitors at Lola. They love each other in […]

A special visitor at Lola…before the reintroduction

Claudine and Fanny, were running left, right and centre in order to get the paperwork ready for the transport to Basankusu of the bonobos ready for reintroduction. Authorisations, stamps, signatures and to top it all of a nice delay, African style… Why do things the easy way when we can do them the complicated way? […]

Reintroduction – part II – first trip into the forest

All together to witness the three arrivals first walk into the forest They have already found the spring… and seem to like it! A big and special THANK YOU to the WSPA-Africa and USFWS, two of our generous donors, for their support for the ABC’s reintroduction project.

Reintroduction – part II – discovering new food in the forest

Check out the new skill… There you go… not so complicated after all is it? Kikongo Not bad this new food we find in the forest… Tshilenge Ok, so me shoots may not be as fat as the others’ but soon enough I’ll learn and blow you all away! Sankuru

Reintroduction – part II – socialising with the other bonobos

Our three new arrivals out of the enclosure and mingling with the other eight bonobos who have been in Ekolo since June 2009: Kikongo, Tshilenge, Nsomi and Etumbe Kikongo would be a great dad if bonobos males invested in their children!!! Sankuru, as usual, the centre of attention of females and males alike!