Monthly Archives: June 2011

Showing the love… bonobo style!

If you’re in doubt as to whether the bonobo orphans consider their substitute mothers to be their real mothers… take a look at these pictures! Look how Sake and Katako like to groom Mama Espérance! Grooming for bonobos is one of the main social behaviours, a sure sign of love! Of course it’s easier without […]

Any thoughts as to what little Ombwe might be thinking???

The joke’s on Katako!

One of the long running jokes among the Mamas at Lola ya Bonobo is at poor Katako’s expense… Katako may be a favoured little bonobo by many of the visitors to Lola and from our friends of bonobos far and wide… but all the Mamas say she is ugly with her over wrinkled little face […]

Q&A: Shibombo

What was Shibombo, the bonobo on the left, doing? a) He thought the mamas worked very hard and wanted to help them clean the enclosure while they were resting. b) He knew the mamas were resting and stole the rake. Here are two photos that give you the answer: Mama Michelin had to chase Shibombo […]

New orphan at Lola: Kindu

Kindu is a newly arrived baby girl bonobo. She is very bold and particularly friendly with the resident dogs at Lola. She hugs, strokes, follows and even rides Mistique…

Apologies for delayed posting

Times have been a bit crazy lately! Sorry for not keeping up with the posts but we’re getting back into the sing of things now and promise to post all the latest news from Lola and Ekolo!

News from Ekolo ya Bonobo

Here is beautiful photo of Etumbe and her latest little one, Nsomi, who is now nearly two years old, at the reintroduction site of Ekolo ya Bonobo. Their hair has grown back well, leading us to believe that the time spent foraging in the forest leaves little time for sessions of hair plucking!