Monthly Archives: July 2011

We welcome Bolingo

Not an easy task, taking photos of Bolingo (‘Love’ in Lingala), Kalina’s new baby born earlier this summer, Kalina is vary cautious and since having the baby has been staying quite far from the group and from humans who pass by. Both mother and son are doing well, Bolingo is very handsome with his thick […]

Sanza & Mayele: two babies doing well!

Sanza and Mayele, Tshilomba and Maya’s babies, respectively, are doing really well, and when their mothers allow it, they love playing together. Tshilomba and her little girl Sanza Maya and her little boy Mayele They will really be able to make the most of it once they are both a little sturdier on their feet […]

Ombwe: a real spectacle!

No need to worry, Ombwe hasn’t got poor eyesight! However, he quite enjoyed trying on Claudine’s glasses…they give him quite a “mature” look wouldn’t you say? Perhaps he hopes that his companions in the nursery, who are all older than him, will take him more seriously…

Eleke – a star in the making!

Eleke, a young and calm bonobo! According to his keeper, Papa Philippe, he loves living and rarely gets into conflicts with the others. He is also very playful, especially with his two friends who are about the same age as him, Kinshasa and Yolo… the three of them are virtually inseperable. But what mustn’t be […]

Bonobo smiles

After a discussion on the Friends of Bonobos facebook page I wanted to share this with those of you who follow the blog. I posted this photo of Manono having fun splashing about in the water… he is the biggest water fan at Lola often wading through the lake with water up to his neck… […]

Fishing as taught by bonobos!

In order to make a good fishing rod you first need to choose an appropriate branch… then fashion it to the right length… and there you have it… you’re ready! You may also want to try the wading technique… grabbing the fish with your bare hands… or perhaps you might prefer to practice for diving… […]

Words from a Lola visitor:

Here is a typical day at the nursery as described by a visitor who came to stay at Lola: “As soon as the Mamas arrive, things start to move in the cages. And so the day begins: giving out the bottles of milk, medication for those who need it while the others play and then […]