Monthly Archives: August 2011

A new orphan, Kasaï, has arrived at Lola

She was supposed to arrive on the 21st of July but after an endless wait at the airport we found out the plane transporting her had been cancelled. Luckily, just two days later she arrived safely on the plane from Lodja! We named her Kasaï, after the Congolese Province from which she came. When we […]

“BONOBOS” the film – released in Kinshasa!

Apologies, story coming to you a few months late!!! Everyone had been eagerly awaiting the big day when it finally arrived! The Lola staff was invited to the French Cultural Centre for the first showing of the film “BONOBOS” in the country! The film as I’m sure you all know was shot both within the […]

Hip-Hop Pôlé!

For those of you who might be in doubt, who might think that bonobos aren’t among the coolest of the primates… you stand corrected… Check out Pole, a young male bonobo, born at Lola 5 years ago, breaking out his best hip-hop moves!!! He’s nearly got it… … and he’s nailed it!!!

BONOBOS the movie released on DVD and BLU-RAY in France!!!

The movie BONOBOS (in French) was released YESTERDAY!!! As we don’t yet know when there might be a version in English, those of you who are really keen, and perhaps understand a little French… or not… can find the movie on the Internet! The film is not only the tale of Beni that is told, […]

Mathieu’s presentation at Lola

Mathieu, one of our workers at Ekolo ya Bonobo, the ABC’s reintroduction project, passed through at the sanctuary during a short time of convalescence. While he was there he did a presentation for the staff at Lola explaining his work. Mathieu is not only a tracker at Ekolo but also heads up the CDV meetings […]

Keza under the weather

Our handsome Keza, both vigorous and self-confident in nature, recently fell ill. The healthcare staff first noticed changes in his behaviour which spread over a couple of days. He kept to himself and chose to sleep alone in the forest rather than come into the night building with the others. At first, we believed that […]

Makali in surgery

Makali, our senior bonobo at Lola (about 30 years old) recently suffered a severe injury to the third finger on his left hand during a violent altercation with a few of the other bonobos. Fanny, our vet, had no choice but to remove the whole finger, it was damaged beyond repair. The surgery went well […]

Ombwe and his Mama…

News of Kipolo

I know that quite a few among you are worried about Kipolo, so here is some news about the little guy… Despite his double cataracts which have taken away most of his sight, Kipolo is doing really well. We believe he still has minimal visibility, but he manages surprisingly well considering the state of his […]

The new nursery is underway!!!

I doubt you’ll have forgotten this but at the end of last year we had a fundraising campaign for the new nursery and quarantine building at Lola… Thanks to many generous donations from both official sponsors and from you as individuals we reached the total of $50,000 earlier this year. And so the work for […]