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Oshwe multitasking

“Who said I couldn’t two things at once? Me??? No problem! ….  Check it out, I can have my dinner and relieve myself at the same time!! Impressive don’t you think???”

Documentary on Claudine André and the work for the bonobo orphans at Lola ya Bonobo… in French!

Here is a short documentary that was filmed back in 2005 by the French/German TV channel “arte” at the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in Kinshasa. I’m afraid the documentary is in French, however, the images speak for themselves! Included: footage of the very first bonobo birth at Lola! To see the documentary click on the […]

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Waste not, want not!

“Great! Lola’s chief gardener, Adolphe, remembered us today, remembered how much we love banana tree trunks! Of course, you humans haven’t even thought about it yet… all that you’re interested in are the bananas! Well for us bonobos, “waste not, want not”, after picking the bananas, the tree trunk is cut up for us… and […]

Sandoa: quite the character!

Life for Sandoa is quite simple, her motto in life is “I Love Everything!”: She loves her meal-times, her friends that she plays with in her quick-witted way. She is more daring than ever now that she spends less time in the arms of her “big sister” Katako, soon to leave the nursery and who […]

Playing in the Nursery

Every visitor who comes to Lola will tell you their experience is unique, Magalie, a French woman who recently visited Lola for two weeks will certainly vouch for that. What can be more wonderful than playing with the babies in the nursery, who are so tender and who we care so much for, especially once […]

Zanna – the observer observed!

For the past four years, Dr Zanna Clay, a young English scientific researcher has been coming to study the bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo. Her work at the moment involves filming and interpreting conflict between individuals and the behaviour of the aggressor and the victim following the confrontation. But sometimes the roles are reversed! Zanna, […]

New Orphan : Oshwe’s Arrival

1500$, that was the selling price for our little Oshwe ! A story, unfortunately, just like that of so many others for this little male from …Oshwe (you can see how unpredictable we are in the choice of names!). Strangely enough, his rescue began far away in France. A Congolese citizen, aware of the bonobos’ plight, […]

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News of Keza

Here’s a bit of news on Keza, seeing as we posted about him being a little under the weather a while ago… He is doing just great now! He has been transferred into enclosure 3 where things should be a little calmer for him as he’ll have less competition from other males! Something which seemed […]