Monthly Archives: October 2011

New Orphan : Kole arrives at Lola

His rescue was a total fluke; a team of researchers from the INRB (Congolese National Institute for Biomedical Research) including an American researcher, Annie, had gone on a business trip to Kole, a small town in the Province of Eastern Kasaï. It was there, whilst visiting a nurse’s home, that Annie discovered a little bonobo, […]

Claudine our very own “Golden Woman”

On the 17th of September, the 19th edition of the “Femme en Or” (Golden Women) award ceremony took place in Nice in the South of France. Created by Jean-Louis Sevez in 1993, the award ceremony puts forward the winning ladies by awarding them a trophy of the Golden Woman. This year, eleven trophies were awarded […]

A Katako story from her more mischievous days

She refused to come down even when Mama Esperance was singing beautiful songs to her… …and when she was telling her horror stories… …that made her flee! Well, because in Katako’s intelligent mind, she knew there was something incredible hidden behind the little green door… …but she could only access it when the Mamas weren’t […]

Kindu and her tightrope act!

Kindu has discovered a new passion: Tightrope walking! She walks along the ropes that surround the nursery enclosure, sometimes skilfully, sometimes not (here she is helped by a visitor). But it’s an occupation that has its risks… sometimes the end result is a rather brutal collision with the ground. But it’ll take more than that […]

Not such a good day for the Viper!

Pôlé and the Viper! No… I assure you… you can believe your eyes, what Pôlé, Opala’s son, is exhibiting here with such pride is… a Gaboon Viper, a highly venomous snake!!! Ok, so it wasn’t huge… but still!!! Opala and Dilolo killed it when they came across it inside their enclosure. Pôlé, who saw the […]