Kole’s surgery

Who said our lucky start doesn’t exist? Certainly not our little Kole! This time round it was shining over him…

When he arrived at Lola he had a very severe wound to the first three fingers of his right hand, a wound most likely suffered when his mother was being slaughtered.

Doctor Paypay, renowned in Kinshasa for his talent in orthopaedic surgery came to visit Lola with several friends and French colleagues on mission in the Congo; an opportunity not to be missed! Fanny, the Lola vet hurried to show them Kole’s wounds and to plead his cause. Without hesitation one of the surgeons, Dr Marc Anzalone offered to carry out an operation that would at least improve Kole’s handicap and give him partial use of his fingers back.

The operation took place the very next day with the help of the great veterinary team we have at Lola. Everything went really well and Kole was quite happy to accept the post-surgery care needed.

We’ll let you know how he progresses!

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