Monthly Archives: March 2012

Lisala introduces her baby : Nyota

Enclosure 1 has yet again had the joy of a new birth. Lisala recently gave birth to a little female called Nyota (star in Lingala), both mother and baby are doing just fine. Nyota is Lisala’s first baby and she is very caring and affectionate with her precious offspring. Nyota was born with a little […]

Hortense, a new mama in the nursery

Maman Henriette, the first ever substitute mother at Lola, has left the nursery to take on the position of head keeper of enclosure 3 where she was overjoyed and proud to find her past babies grown so big and strong. But the needs for mamas in the nursery are the same so we have welcomed […]

New orphans : Bombo & Kwilu

One from Basankusu, the other from Mbandaka, they both arrived at Lola on the 9th of January, in the same tiny cage. The transfer was organised by Chacal, one of our men at Ekolo ya Bonobo. The two little males are probably around the same age, Bombo however, weighed nearly twice as much as his […]

Tour operators interested in selling discovery journeys to the DRC.

Late 2011, in Brussels, the Belgian ambassador for the DRC, Mr. Henri Mova, organised an important conference to present a large public with the marvellous tourism potential of the country. At his request, Claudine went along to speak about Lola ya Bonobo located on the outer skirts of Kinshasa. She went on to describe, with […]

Sankuru and her baby Mwinda

Here is a photo of Sankuru, a female bonobo at the Ekolo ya Bonobo reintroduction site, with her baby, a little female called Mwinda, which means “Light” in Lingala. Sankuru has come a long way. She spent the first 7 years of her life in a wooden cage in someone’s yard. She was finally brought […]

Bottle collection for Lola

The young pupils of the Fatuma Primary school in Selembao, Kinshasa recently came to visit Lola and observed the bonobos drinking from plastic bottles, be it the babies in the nursery of those in the adult groups. Some share their bottle with others, whilst others prefer to have their very own bottle to be able […]

Shibo: a visit from the vet under the palm trees

The Mama’s at the sanctuary, very attentive to their little ones, noticed that Shibo was avoiding the use of his right arm as he played with the others. A rapid warning and Fanny the vet was on her way. She brought him out of the nursery enclosure to examine him, under the watchful eye of […]


Friends of Bonobos, is pleased to announce that Claudine André was selected to be featured in the new book WILDLIFE HEROES.  The book, which will be available in books stores and on-line beginning on March 6, 2012, combines unique real-life stories, stunning photographs, and fascinating animal information to make a point: we can turn the […]

News of Victor and David : Ekolo ya Bonobo trackers

One week after their cold arrival in Paris, the two men underwent their operation, first step in the six months of reconstructive surgery ahead. The operation went extremely well, for both of them. Now a few weeks later, we are already very pleased with the first results. Their arrival in Paris must have been quite […]