News of Victor and David : Ekolo ya Bonobo trackers

One week after their cold arrival in Paris, the two men underwent their operation, first step in the six months of reconstructive surgery ahead. The operation went extremely well, for both of them. Now a few weeks later, we are already very pleased with the first results.

Their arrival in Paris must have been quite brutal, it was on the first day of great cold that came down to us from Siberia. But within a few days, the cold didn’t seem to bother them at all (a big thanks goes out to those who donated winter clothes for them). In fact, they were less bothered by the cold than Claudine who was accompanying them, she’d much rather the hot and humid climate of the Congo.

The first week in Paris was a week of discovery for the two men: the beautiful city of Paris, the Eiffel tower, the snow (a phenomenon that they had heard of but none-the-less filled them with wonder!), a first trip on the underground metro… so many novel things to discover. They were both curious and happy about it all! In the first few days, David pointed out the fact that there was not enough greenery in the city, that our trees were ugly and looked dead… indeed, the loss of leaves in winter makes a change from the luxurious forest they are used to!

Two days before entering Professor Laurent Lantieri’s ward at the Georges Pompidou hospital, they celebrated David’s birthday with the ladies of the ABE.

We wish them a fast recovery and courage for the months ahead!

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